Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Relaxation, Body Awareness, and Alignment Exercises

One important element of my practice with clients, in partnership with Dr. Dennis Chernin, is to assess where there is a mind/body disconnect and then train the client in moving and static body awareness, postures and exercises based in the gentle healing aspects and principles of the martial arts.

These movements and accompanying mind focus and breathing exercises train an individual in assessing, preventing, minimizing and treating areas that are experiencing stress and strain.
The focused and directed movements balance the autonomic nervous system, stretch and tone muscles, massage internal organs, and promote fluid exchange within and between the cells. By learning to integrate body/mind/breath, a fuller experience of life and sense of control and self confidence are achieved.

You may also visit the website Five Dimensional Healing to learn more about Cinda's group practice with Dr. Dennis Chernin, Dr. James Arond-Thomas and Maria Sylvester, Life Coach.

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